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With our International Business Network, we offer you the following products that we market at competitive prices, because we have direct contacts with producers in Brazil :
- SUGAR (ICUMSA 45, 150, 600-1200).
- SOYBEAN FLOUR (For animals food).
- CORN (Yello and White - regular).
- WHEAT (Flour, Durum and Soft).
- BEANS (Black, Red, White).
- CEMENT PORTLAND 32.5 & 42.5
We can also obtain oil in large quantities (Millions of barrels) from different origins: Middle East, Russia. Crude oil, Jetfuel, Diesel. Ask us for an offer. Commissions for intermediaries.
For all that is cement and sugar the control unit is the ship of 12.500 tons per month for a year or on 4 boats at once.
For agribusiness and cement, the minimum order is 12,500 tons up to several million tons. Commissions planned for intermediaries and business introducers.
We supply agri-food products in millions of tons for export: Sugar, Soybeans, White and Yellow Corn, Hard and Soft Wheat, Rice, Barley, etc.) deliverable all over the world. Quantity available from 12,500 MT to 500,000 MT (or more) per month (annual contract) x 12 months x 24 months x 36 months (or more).
The prices are negotiable with the seller because we are direct with the producer, we are able to provide proof of products (POP), we sell and negotiate very large volumes of raw materials.
Imperatively provide a LOI / ICPO and BCL. Please contact us to receive our full procedure for doing business.
We have cross-shareholdings with our suppliers. We are able to supply à POP, many say they are sellers but, in reality on the market, there is little to really have the merchandise.
Proof of the buyer’s funds will be requested POF by performing a SOFT PROBE. Our products meet international quality standards which is confirmed and validated by SGS inspections.
Payments and financial transactions are made on the best banks in the world (TOP 50 World Prime Banks).
At the service level we work with companies specialized in the construction of villages in wooden houses and/or containers.
We are also partners of a company specialised in packaging both to install a bottling plant from a water source as well as from the manufacture and bottling of soda as the conditioning of laundry.
For all other requests please do not hesitate to consult us.
On the other hand, there is a strict rule to respect any request must arrive by Banker’s LOI (Letter of Intent Banker) on the purchaser’s letterhead.
We are looking for importers around the world (serious buyers) for our products, business introducers and commission-based intermediaries on realized sales.
We can handle very large volumes of business and contracts up to several million tons per year, commissions at stake accordingly.
One of our latest contracts is the sale and delivery of 5,000,000 tons of cement CIF UAE Dubai. Our company exports agri-food products and cement from 12,500 tons up to several million tons. Contracts and commissions are large and multi-million dollar.
With us you are sure to develop mutually profitable and sustainable business. To receive a complete FCO offer by return please for providing us with a LOI and a BCL.
Intermediaries you have customers (companies and / or states) distributed worldwide for our products, please contact us to do business.
Please contact us by e-mail to know all our conditions of partnership and our procedure to develop together a mutually profitable business flow.
Best regards.
Business Contact :
E-mail : [email protected]

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